Shackles in various quality grades from 100 - 13500 kg

High-strength design in HA1, HC1, HA2 and HC2, galvanised, bolt painted, with nut and split pin, for all applications





Round slings

Round slings, flat lifting slings, lashing straps, fixing equipment



Girder clamps from 1000 - 10,000 kg

- for attachment points on t-girders or as load grips

- also available with integrated running gear



Cables and cable assembly

We are able to supply all types of cables, both in coil and drum form and preassembled with plugs in accordance with your specifications.



Ropes cables 50 to 14.000 kg

- Type P-P, with extruded-on eye at both ends
- Type PK-PK, with extruded-on eye stiffener at both ends
- Type SK-SK, with twisted eye stiffener at both ends

All variants can also be fitted with spring hooks.




Flight Cases

On request for chain hoists and controllers, available in different versions.








2 Independent Brakes


Differnet Load Hooks


Bracket with turnable Hook



Robust CHain Bags





Load Cells


Absolut Encoder


Push Trolley 500-5000 kg






Vector - Frequency Inverter





Bracket with O-Ring